Only one source – YOU ARE THAT

„Only one source, someone call it God, Buddha, Universal energy, Love, Consciousness, Awareness, Heart, Life, or Absolute   – this is the one thing, or no thing that is true nature or essence for all, right? „

Right !!!

„So there is wholeness or oneness, and there is no separate individual;

each body such as my body is functional because this Life source“

Yes, thats true. the source appears as prana –  life energie, Consciousness.

Wholeness or oneness, THAT absolute, is not a state or an experience, but it IS never not. it can’t be experienced – it’s THAT what you are.

„There is nothing individual (Alice) can do or have to do to see the true nature, because „This is it“ so I just go on with my daily life that is it.“ maybe, stay natural.

capture that everything you can perceive is not what you are.

In this complete game, the only thing that doesn’t change is this wordless feeling of ME. give yourself to it with all your BEING. and the one reality becomes more and more unmistakable in the absence of you.

„But if I (Alice) did not disappear before this (Alice’s) body died, what is going to happen? Alice’s individual person’s soul will incarnated?“

You don’t exist.

It’s a false dream, in a dream – always you are THAT – prior to experience
the soul, is always brahman. trust in your wordless SELF.

the body may die, but enquire whether YOU were born yourself?

this wordless YOU whatever is with you, was not born in being born and will not die in dying. Endless incarnations and none is YOU. like in a cinema, countless stories, countless leading actors and none are you. but the film runs – don’t take it up – only to act practically, otherwise keep this unchanged feeling to be HERE.

give your real self – the wordless I – a worthy place in you. peace, gratitude and love will BE with you. And the absolute will find itself – without a second.

„Thanks to God or no one 😊“

Neti Neti – undecided, neither I am God, nor no one. there is only THAT Self


yes there is no free will, there is no seperate self – all happends spontainously.

“ if there is no ego, where does that want and do not want come from, compare and judge. why is not the same seen …“

it is the part of the ego-illusion.

what is always unchanged, the same?

who you are?


„Yes, Ronny, Who am I? I am THAT which is no thing or everything, then no more question“


THAT which is unchanged in you, be intimate with it, ONE with this living presence in you.

right now, in every moment.

and distinction, choosing, wanting and not wanting pass away – disappears – only reality remains.

Only THAT SELF remains – you are THAT

no more question

Namaha Shivay


„so does not matter what we do, do it within and with THAT, all things and thoughts come and go, THAT remains,

Love forever, no questions